Exploring by foot

The predominant use of modern off-road vehicles and high tech navigation tools in travelling the Sahara have meant that few places are left unexplored in the major desert expanse of the World. By travelling on foot it is still possible to give a trip the inherently unrepeatable dimension of a geographic exploration as it was enjoyed by the mythical explorers of the past century... Read about our 2010 Expedition.
Precious Books
A commented list of books that guided or inspired our travels.
Terramata Archive
A library full of rare and out of print books, thousand of digital images from the deserts of three continents and others out of the beaten track places.
A travel deserves to be qualified as an expedition only when it is followed by a report or at least some written notes. Here following the list of our reports and papers.
A Commitment

We are extremely sad and sorry for the bloodshed taking place in Libya. We feel powerless in front of what is happening in Libya, a country we loved as we love our homeloand. We wish a paceful and prosperous future to everybody in the Region.

When posssible, we will go back to the Sahara and to Libya, to visit again by foot the places the lazy 4x4 tourists cannot vist. We will organize a special dedicated expedition to the polluted and tourists ridden wadis of the Libyan Desert to document with advanced digital imaging methods the rock art sites under threat of hooliganism.

We have a plan to properly document anew the most important rock art sites found in the Jebel Uweinat and Arkenu by 3D-RGB photography. Unfortunately we will have to wait untill the region will enjoy again a decent way of life.